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A Suggested List of Vocabulary and Expressions for Use in NATO Military Writing

Standard Expressions

according to
acknowledgement is requested (after implementation of the above action)
all assigned (OF-3, OF-2, OF-1, etc.)
appropriate information
as per your request
ASAP – as soon as possible
as pertaining to
as regards (this situation)
as requested
as such
assigned to (NATO HQ, JFC-South, etc.)
at the designated time (place)
attached herewith
be advised that
bearing in mind
compliance with
detailed instructions
direct personnel to
during the period (15 Jan to 20 Jan 09)
duties are performed
easy access or availability
easy-access (phone road, exit, etc.)
establish procedures
implementation of
IAW: in accordance with
in all other cases not specifically covered
in order to assure
in regard to
is defined by
is delegated authority (to take final action on requests, for example)
it is essential that
it is requested that
maintain form ( 341, X12, etc.)
matters which require action
meet me on base at 1000 hours
meet me at the door of Building 209
meet me at the Officers Club in the PAX Room at 1000 hours
NLT no/not later than
non-English-speaking allied officers
personnel assigned to (POD, JFC, etc.)
pertinent information or material
promulgate policies
readiness exercise (is implemented or takes place)
readiness profile
regarding your letter (of 24 Apr 09)
subsequent action (will be taken)
should prepare and recommend
the above/below-mentioned are
the action personnel (the addressees) will report (will be present) at 0800 hours for a
            formal briefing (will attend a formal briefing)
the addressees will attend the briefing to be held in the CINC large briefing room at
            0800 hours, Thursday, 24 Mar 91
the instructions contained herein (are applicable to)
the/any/all interested personnel (individuals) should contact this office for further
the necessary measures (will be taken in all cases)
the personnel specifically exempted (under the provisions of sub-paragraph 4)
the provisions of this paper are applicable to
the relevant article, regulation, directive (refer to the relevant article for further details)
the responsible personnel
to strictly adhere to (regulation, reference)
tour of duty
uniform procedures
up-to-date (updated)
upon receipt of
upon request

Transitional Words & Expressions


in a like manner
in addition (to)
in conformity with
in the same fashion
of necessity

Limiting or contradicting something already said:

on the contrary
on the other hand

Showing a time or place arrangement of your ideas:

as soon as
at this point
in due time
at the present time
first, firstly
last, lastly
prior to
second, secondly
sooner or later
the aforementioned


as a result
as can be seen, as seen, as is seen
as formerly mentioned
as I have shown/demonstrated
as is known, as known
as is shown, as shown
as is stated, as stated
as outlined above/below
for the reasons stated/stated reasons
to this end
 For a detailed list of transitional expressions click here

Standard Verbs

to achieve to acknowledge to acquire
to act, act upon/on to act out to adhere to
to adopt to allocate to annihilate
to anticipate to appropriate to assess/evaluate
to assign to assume to attach
to attend to be to be brought together
to be brought to the attention of to be relevant to bring together
to bring to the attention of to broaden to call attention to
to comply with to conduct to consider
to constitute to contact to control
to coordinate to counter to create
to decide to defer to define
to delete to denote to deploy
to describe to designate to deter
to develop to direct to earmark
to eliminate to emphasize to employ
to enclose to enhance to ensure (US)/insure (UK)
to escalate to evaluate to evolve
to expand to expedite to exploit
to familiarize to follow suit to formulate
to forward to gain advantage to hold/be held
to identify to implement to incorporate
to incur (costs) to influence to isolate
to issue to lack to launch
to lay to lie to maintain
to meet/meet with to miscalculate to mobilize
to monitor ought to be to oversee
to participate (in) to penetrate (an area) to plan
to pose to present to prevent
to produce to program to promulgate
to provide to ready to reappraise
to redefine to refine to reinforce
to render (aid, services) to report to request
to respond to review to schedule
to secure to send forward to set up
to solve to span to stockpile
to submit to summarize to supersede
to take action (on) to take care of to take part in
to take place to task to terminate
to test to umpire to update

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