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1st Infantry Brigade

Commander of the 1st Infantry Brigade: Colonel Vahur Karus

Phone +372 717 8000
E-mail jalavaebrigaad[at] 

The 1st Infantry Brigade represents the main manoeuvre unit of the Estonian Defence Forces, which includes the majority of the units trained during the compulsory military service period. The Scouts Battalion, an infantry battalion with rapid response capability and consisting wholly of professional servicemen, is also a part of the 1st Infantry Brigade. The unit has the capacity to co-operate with NATO forces. The 1st infantry brigade also includes Kalev Infantry Battalion, Viru Infantry Battalion, the Artillery Battalion, the Air Defence Battalion, the Combat Engineer Battalion, the Combat Service Support Battalion, the Anti-Tank Company, the Command and Signal Company and the Reconnaissance Company. The brigade’s troops are trained in different units and soldiers who have passed their service are assigned to the reserve after the training.

Kalev Infantry Battalion

Commander of the Kalev Infantry Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Mait Müürisepp

Phone +372 717 8200
E-mail 1JvBr.KaleviJVP[at] 

The purpose of the Kalev Infantry Battalion is to train reserve manoeuvre and support units with combat power.

Scouts Battalion 

Commander of the Scouts Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Tarmo Kundla

Phone +372 717 8100
E-mail scoutspataljon[at] 

Unlike other units, the Scouts Battalion does not employ any conscripts. The entire Scouts Battalion is comprised of active servicemen. The Scouts Battalion a professionally trained manoeuvre unit prepared for independent combat and having rapid response capability within the 1st Infantry Brigade. Tasks of the Scouts Battalion:

  • to defend the independence of the Republic of Estonia;
  • unit with a higher readiness level to participate in international operations led by NATO, the European Union or the UN;
  • domestic Estonian rapid response unit of a tactical group;
  • fulfilling Estonia’s obligations in BALTBALT.

Combat Service Support Battalion

Commander of the Combat Service Support Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Janek Zõbin

Phone +372 717 8400
E-mail tagalapataljon[at] 

The main task of the Combat Service Support Battalion is to prepare wartime troops from the ranks of conscripts to ensure the combat ability of the 1st Infantry Brigade. In peacetime it provides year-round support to the 1st Infantry Brigade Headquarters, its seven battalions and three single companies. If necessary, the civilian sector is aided with technology, equipment and training.
Tasks of the Combat Service Support Battalion:

  • management, planning and development in their area of responsibility;
  • organising the training of the personnel of its subordinate units;
  • preparing reserve units through the training of conscripts;
  • daily supply and servicing of the units in all areas of rear support services;
  • supplying international military operations in cooperation with the Support Command of the Defence Forces;
  • ensuring medical servicing of the 1st Infantry Brigade.

Viru Infantry Battalion 

Commander of the Viru Infantry Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Arno Kruusmann

Phone +372 717 8300
E-mail viru.jvp[at] 

Like the other structural units, conscript training in the Viru Infantry Battalion lasts for eight or eleven months. The main task of the unit is to train the infantry and antitank units’ enlisted command personnel of the wartime formations of the Defence Forces. The Viru Infantry Battalion has two main areas of training: 

  • infantry training, which includes all technical specialisations in the infantry (gunners, medical orderlies, anti-tank missilemen, light mortar crew members, etc.);
  • anti-tank training, which provides training to the crew members of mid- and long-range antitank guided missile systems.

Artillery Battalion

Commander of the Artillery Battalion: Lieutenant Colonel Arbo Probal

Phone +372 717 8500
E-mail stvg[at] 

The task of the artillery is to support the operations of the combat units with indirect fire. Artillery is one of the oldest service branches after infantry and cavalry. Based on their intended use, artillery weapons are divided into artillery guns and howitzers. The Artillery Battalion is a battalion-sized unit which, during peacetime is comprised of a headquarters, artillery training school, and a command and support battery. The main task of the unit in peacetime is to provide artillery training to conscripts for them to function in an artillery crew.

Air Defence Battalion

Commander of the Air Defence Battalion: Major Tanel Lelov

Phone +372 717 8600
E-mail add[at] 

Air defence operations mean the deterring and destruction of the opponent’s air assault devices (planes, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles). Air Defence functions are fulfilled in the Defence Forces by means of on-ground weapon systems including missiles and guns. An overview of the activity in the airspace is relayed through radars and other equipment. The Air Defence Battalion conducts air defence training for conscripts - from the ranks of which air defence reserve units are formed for the Defence Forces - as well as for reservists, to refresh their specialised skills. Also, specialised basic and supplementary training is provided to active servicemen.

Combat Engineer Battalion

Commander of the Combat Engineer Battalion: Major Ainar Afanasjev

Phone +372 717 8709
E-mail pio.pat[at] 

The task of the Combat Engineer Battalion in the Estonian Defence Forces is to block, slow down, complicate or stop the movement or manoeuvres of the opponent’s units and combat vehicles. The engineer units also need to ensure the mobility of their own units to facilitate the manoeuvres by means of creating access paths through obstacles and minefields and improving road conditions. Engineers build foxholes, trenches and lodging bunkers to improve the living conditions of single soldiers and units.

Reconnaissance Company

Phone +372 717 8000
E-mail jalavaebrigaad[at] 

The task of the Reconnaissance Company is to secure the operations of the other units in the 1st Infantry Brigade and to conduct independent frontline operations with the objective of determining the positions, activity, numbers and weapons of the enemy directly behind the enemy’s lines. The Reconnaissance Company is a single company, with its commander reporting directly to the Commander of the 1st Infantry Brigade.

Support and Signal Company

Commander of the Support and Signal Company: Captain Aivo Asuküla

Phone +372 717 8000
E-mail jalavaebrigaad[at] 

The Support and Signal Company is a tactical unit within the 1st Infantry Brigade with the task of ensuring the uninterrupted operation and servicing of the Brigade’s command sites and the Brigade staff’s command support, physical security, basic rear support and communications with other command units. The Support and Signal Company is a single company, with its commander reporting directly to the Commander of the 1st Infantry Brigade.

Anti-tank Company

Commander of the Anti-Tank Company: Major Hannes Meimre

Phone +372 717 8300
E-mail viru.jvp[at] 

The task of the Anti-Tank Company is to support the sub-units of the 1st Infantry Brigade in combat hot-spots and independent combat against the opponent’s armoured equipment. The Anti-Tank Company is a single company, with its commander reporting directly to the Commander of the 1st Infantry Brigade. The main peacetime task of the Anti-Tank Company is the training of non-comissioned officersl and specialists for anti-tank units.

Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces, 717 1900, mil[at], Juhkentali 58, EE15007, Tallinn, Estonia.

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