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2nd Infantry Brigade

Commander of the 2nd Infantry Brigade: Colonel Eero Rebo

Phone +372 717 5000
E-mail 2jvbr.staap[at]  

2nd Infantry Brigade public affairs officer: 2LT Jaanika Ojakõiv

Phone +372 717 5016
E-mail jaanika.ojakoiv[at] 

The 2nd Infantry Brigade is a militarily organised structural unit reporting directly to the Commander of the Estonian Defence Forces.

The main tasks of the 2nd Infantry Brigade are:

  • planning and organising the military operations of the infantry brigade;
  • conducting command, organisation, planning, development and supervisory operations in the respective area of responsibility;
  • planning and organisation of mobilisation and formation of units in the respective area of responsibility;
  • ensuring the combat readiness of the units within the organisation;
  • ensuring the rear support in training the units within the organisation;
  • preparing the wartime and reserve units in the organisation and organising their formation.

In peacetime, the 2nd Infantry Brigade is comprised of:

  • Headquarters of the 2nd Infantry Brigade, in Luunja, Tartu County
  • Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion, at the Taara Army Base, in Võru
  • Combat Service Support Battalion, at the Taara Army Base, in Võru

Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion

Commander of the Kuperjanov Infantry Brigade: Lieutenant Colonel Toomas Tõniste

Phone +372 717 5499
E-mail kup[at] 

Peacetime tasks of the Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion are:

  • to train and form the wartime units on the basis of the formation task;

  • based on the training plan, to form wartime subunits from conscripts during the training year: 3 infantry companies, mortar battery, support company, headquarters company. The number of conscripts and the organisation of the sub-units is established with the annual training plan;
  • based on the training plan, to conduct refresher training events with the units comprising the battalion and reservists forming them;
  • to keep and maintain wartime and peacetime technology, arms, ammunition, clothing and other equipment of the battalion and the units to be formed.

Combat Service Support Battalion 

Commander of the Combat Service Support Battalion: Major Tarmo Tameri 

Phone +372 717 5400
E-mail 2jvbr.tap[at]  

The main task of the Combat Service Support Battalion is the provision of administrative and rear support for peacetime training. Their wartime task is preparing and conducting the formation of reserve units. During peacetime, it offers support to the 2nd Infantry Brigade HC, Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion and, in part, the Battle School. If necessary, the civilian sector is aided with technology, equipment and training. 

Tasks of the Combat Service Support Battalion are:

  • management, planning and development in their area of responsibility;
  • organising the training of the personnel of its subordinate units;
  • daily supplying and servicing of units in all the functional areas of rear support;
  • ensuring medical servicing of the 2nd Infantry Brigade.
  • ensuring the formation of the reserve units of the 2nd Infantry Brigade;
  • keeping and maintenance of mobilisation supplies.

Headquarters of the Estonian Defence Forces, 717 1900, mil[at], Juhkentali 58, EE15007, Tallinn, Estonia.

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